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Photos of AT Hikers - Franklin, NC

I did indeed go over to Franklin on Friday night to locate the mow infamous
'Download and Nexmo' and other hikers who might be in their immediate
promimity.  Franklin is only about 20 miles from where I live.  There was no 
dinner awaiting me at home, as Patty had gone to spend the night with our 
daughter out of town.  It wasn't too difficult to locate the hikers.  It
probably took me only about 10 minutes after I drove into town to be shaking
the hands of a lot of hikers.  Among them our own Download and Nexmo.  Its
amazing what an impression a hiker makes on a city policeman when he walks
trhough twon with a case of Bud under his arm.  Wasn't Download nor Nexmo, but
I think one of the group I met was the culprit.  

The policeman was very clear in his recollection of the aforementioned 'BudMan'
He must have thought it amusing, as that is the second thing he told me after 
I asked if he had seen any hikers around town the past few days.  He told me 
three motels to try.  First one I tried was the one.  A stove maintenance 
seminar was in progress under one of those cheap-looking metalic umbrellas
at a picnic table in front of the motel.  Walking Otter was giving a demo on
MSR-Whisperlite maintenance to Cracklin Rosie and "ET" of the Cheese Girls.
See photo if you have graphic access to the WWW.  Check out the following


I will leave the photos up for a while.  Maybe until mid-May when I come back
from the PCT.  I'll try to make the small thumbnails smaller to load faster,
but I didn't have time today. 
I had lots of fun visiting with all the hikers.  All were in good spirits, but
'cabin fever' was obvious in many.  They were ready to get back out on the

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