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Weather in the Whites

Just read AT2000's post about the Whites, and I have to say, it is 
good advice for a weekender, but utterly irrelevant to the AT 
thruhiker.  Thruhikers don't have the luxury of waiting out bad 
weather.  Unless the snow is hip deep, or wind steady at 60 mph, most 
thruhikers will continue to hike, good weather, bad weather.  If one 
day in three is wet, how long will a thruhike last if you wait out 
the rainy days?  Consider the distance from Mitzpah to Madison - 12 
miles. all above treeline.   Lake of the Clouds Hut is generally full,
 and they are not very  nice about letting 
thruhikers stay when the cellar is filled.  So what do you do when 
the weather is bad? Keep hiking!  You can start your hike with 
sunshine and have cold winds and rain and fog in a remarkably short 
time.  People have died of hypothermia in July in the Whites.  You 
can't fool with it.  Since most thruhikers can't afford to wait until 
the weather clears, that means they must be prepared for sudden 
changes of temperature and conditions.  Rain gear, wool hats and 
gloves, polartech jackets at the least.  I came very close to 
hypothermia on Saddleback Mountain in Maine, in August.  Be 
prepared!!  Ginny "Spririt Walker" Frost