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Re: Found on the Ultrarunning list

= >I am writing on behalf of Cliff Tell, a 33 year-old runner who is attempting
= >to break David Horton's Appalacian Trail speed record.  Cliff will need to
= >cover over 41 mi/day to finish in about 52 days (2100+ miles).  He will
= >embark from Springer Mtn., GA on May 12 and attempt to finish by early
= >July.
> <snip>
> >"go fast enough to get there,
> > but slow enough to see"
> >---Jimmy Buffett
> Pretty ironic or what?

      Yeah, I'll say!

      I pretty much agree with Wingfoot's assessment of this kind of
      activity on the trail. That the trail was conceived as a place to seek
      fellowship with nature and fellow man, etc, and not some kind
      of competitive battleground. I also agree that no responsible
      hiking association should recognize these 'records'.

      Of course Cliff has every right to do a thruhike as fast as he likes,
      that's what is meant by 'hiking your own hike'. But I'd think that
      most people on this list would just be interested in hearing 
      whether he finishes or not, not how long it takes. There are
      more appropriate environs for competitive activity, most of us
      head for the AT to get away from just that.

      Just my opinion,

						 --- Ron K ---