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trail maintenance in PA??

Hey Anna and Alisa

I'll be hiking thru NJ and into PA this May.  Only as far as Palmertown.
I'm in Massachusetts and would be interested in helping out with your project.
I'm really not free though until mid-june which is probably too late. 
The first break I get is when we will be hiking.  Could you either post
the dates and place you'll be working or email me the details?  
Also anyone have an opinion whether to hike from NY 17 southbound to
Palmertown... or northbound P'town to NY???  We usually like to go north
since we tend to meet the same people more than once, but going south we
bump into folks that we can ask about the trail (not necessarily a GOOD
thing.....)  Any opinions??

Sharon   ssharpe@wellelsey.edu