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thorlo socks

I've been using thorlo socks as well as wool blend with polypro liner.
I always get confused when looking at the thorlos..... do I want
"hiking" socks or "trekking" socks???  Of course I don't remember which
I bought before, although they seem to work well (I get blisters no matter
which I use -- strategically placed moleskin applied in advance works best
for me!!).  Can anybody help me out?? Which thorlo to buy?  Also, as a woman
with short wide feet, I have a real problem getting socks (forget about boots!)
that really *fit* without extra "heel" going midway up my boot in order to get
the toe to fit right.  Any thoughts on that??
Thanks... my feet will love me if I can find socks that fit!

Sharon   ssharpe@wellesley.edu