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Re: AT-L digest 55

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996 09:21:48 -0600 you wrote:

>About dehydrators.....  I just picked up the American Harvester at
>different temps.  It came with 2 trays but says you can add up
>to 10 more for 12 altogether at the same time.  I think these
>sell for about 19.95 for 2 trays.  Comes with a recipe booklet, mostly
>ads for all the extras.

My in-laws got us the Amer. Harvester a few years ago.  With all the
suggestions on the list, I hauled it out this weekend and have been
doing some experimenting.  

The dehydrator does take up to 12 trays but *do not* try to make fruit
leathers on some trays and jerky on the others.  The fruit will pick up
the jerky seasoning.  Yuck!  Not that I did this mind you; I (by
accident ;) read some of the directions and that tip was in there.  Just
make a big batch of one thing at a time.  Maybe trays with different
fruit leathers on them would be ok, though.  I'll have to test and

BTW, the applesauce fruit leather with melted red-hots is *really* good!
 Thanks for the tip.