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Re: more alisa's list

>Subj:	Re: my list
>Date:	96-03-13 20:36:32 EST
>From:	mroberts@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu (Michael Roberts)
>-I can't remember what we did about soap.  I'm pretty sure I cleaned the
>cooking pot with water and pebbles,leaves,fingers,etc -  I relied on
>mechanical action rather than chemical action.  Everything you cook in the
>pot starts from boiling water anyway, so the pot can be kept clean on the
>trail without soap.  You can use soap during town stops if you like.  If
>you follow this line of thinking, you can get rid of the scrubber brush.
   Model-T (AT- 90 & 94), carried a non-stick pan with the handle cutoff for
cooking... He did pancakes most every morning, Liptons for dinner... For
cleanup (may be gross); he'd use his toothbrush to "swamp" out the pan,
rinse, then brush his teeth... No soap etc required, he would use baking
soda on his teeth tho... Make for simple cleanups..,

>-fork/spoon (same utensil) (1oz):  I only carried a spoon, and to this day
>I'm pro-spoon over fork any day (except maybe where spaghetti is
>concerned!). **Make sure to carry a spoon/(fork) that is strong enough to
>eat Ben-n-Jerry's.  This is very important - a flimsy spoon that bends
>under ice-cream pressure just won't do.  Trust me, it really is important.
>Go out and buy yourself a pint of
>Ben-n-Jerry's and test out your utensil (New York Super Fudge Chunk should
>provide a good test - you have to pry out those yummy chunks of white
>chocolate- mmmmm....-  see if the spoon can handle the load).  I swear,
>you'll be glad you considered this.
This is why I use the "Hungey Camper" (stainless steel)...

Looking over the responses you've compiled, everyone pares down to about the
same; with a few personal options... You'll still start out with too much...
Check the Kushmans (Download & Nexmo), they sent back four pounds of excess
stupp from Neels Gap; they'll probably do more as they continue... They
spent quite a while looking over various pack lists, and still carried
excess... A lot is learned in the first 30 to 80 miles of the trail, and a
lot more to learn on the way north...

Stay warm,

Dick Wix  aka "WIXeR"  
   AT-94  GA>ME