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Re: 20 Days and Counting!

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996 HorusFGK@aol.com wrote:
>  and I am trail-bound.  
>      Just read "As Far as the Eye Can See".  Forgot the author's name, but it
> is a great, short account of a '79 thru-hike.  I hope all the magic hasn't
> been supplanted by the jaded irritation of locals and the rudeness of the
> ever increasing numbers of thru-hikers.  Just like everything else in life, I
> wonder if I didn't discover this too late.  I must admit, the horror stories
> of crowded shelters has me worried.  Oh well, I am sure these worries are
> unfounded.
>      Leaving by the 'Hound from Kansas City on April 12 and looking forward
> to my years-old dream finally reaching fruition.

	The magic still lives. Although you will undoubtedly meet some 
jaded locals, some rude thru-hikers, and crowded shelters (all those were 
also present in 81), you will also meet far more people wanting to share 
your adventure. Even if the shelters are crowded (esp. weekends), some of 
my favorite memories are from a couple of boy scout troops & Royal 
Ambassadors I shared the trail with for a time. (Also, one least favorite 
times was another such group who had no leadership). The thing is, you'll 
meet so many folks from all walks of life, .... and that, is part of the 
magic along with the quiet moments of bears & breezes & rain & 
rattlesnakes.... Have a great trip! Pat