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more alisa's list

being the organization fiend that i am, i have no clue where i left off.  i
suppose i could go back to my sent mail and figure that out, but that means
signing on again (god forbid)and that would make my morning more complicated
than i could take at 7am.  if i come across pieces of this that i haven't
posted, i'll send them off.  otherwise, i think this is it!.  enjoy...

Subj:	Pack Weight
Date:	96-03-13 09:38:34 EST
From:	wixer@sparc.isl.net (Richard (Dick) L. Wix)
To:	Pooombah@aol.com

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   I've used Campmor to order a lot of stuff, they are really good about
replacment of frayed, broken, damaged, gear/equipment they've sold; never
had a question asked, quick replacement.
   I've attached my "list" of packgear, you still will need to customize,
and you will continue to customize 
as you go.

>??replacement filter cartridge - worth carrying? (3oz)
    send ahead.
>1 mess kit (2 pots w/ covers) (1lb.)
    can you do with one.? I use an MSR 1100 ml (Campmor #87718), with a
Tupper Ware bowl inside.
>stove - thinking about purchasing an Apex multi-fuel (1lb. 4oz)
    I've got a Coleman Peak I MultiFuel, Apex should be OK, I like the
option of simmering. 
>1Lt.  fuel bottle (4.7oz) - full  (??oz)  
    I used a 1 pint bottle on the AT, no problem finding Coleman fuel.
    Campmor 16 oz and 32 oz fuel bottles have filler spouts.
    wrap 24 - 30 inches duct tape around this.
>??small sunshower (3.5 oz). - worth it?
    Sponge off near a creek, you'll get shower opportunities at various
Hostels, Inns etc.
>couple of airplane bottles (additional painkiller)
    Scotch, Bourbon, and/or Brandy is good.!! :-}
>seam sealer (2oz)  --perhaps this could go in a send-ahead box
    send ahead.
>potable aqua w/ pa plus (1oz)
     I did use this up north, good in and emergency
>maps/guidebook (only those needed before next pick-up) (5oz)
     some only carry the sections they are in, mail rest ahead.
      always a problem, I'm into dehydration more, I'll be "poisioning"
myself this spring.
>pack (~6lbs 8oz.  stil shopping)
      mine is about the same weight
>2 water bottles (7oz or 3.5oz each)
      used a 32 oz nalgene and a 32 oz "Big Slam" 
>thermarest (1lb 9oz)
      definite plus.
>??thermarest'r lite chair kit (10oz)  (worth 10oz for a relaxing sit?)
      your choice, I carried a 12 inch square of "ensolite" foam to sit on,
waterproof and light,
      my butt got awfully bony after a month or so, sitting on foam beats
>40 degree bag (2lbs 6oz) 
>overbag (2lbs 8oz.) to be sent home for middle portion of the trail
     I used a flannel bag liner, helps keep bag cleaner and can be used
alone in hot weather.
>lighter (2oz)
     carried a spare
>knife (2oz)
     swiss army (Tinker)
>fork/spoon (same utensil) (1oz)
     bought a "Hungry Camper", saw in ad in Backpacker Mag. $4.95 +s&h
>headlamp (3.5oz)
     carried a Campmor Firefly "squeeze" lite
>gore-tex rain hat(or sun if you're an optimist)  (4.5oz)
     if you wear glasses, baseball style hat helps in rain
>waterproof/breathable parka (2lbs 3oz)
>??poncho for warm days?
     extra weight, did not deem necessary
>waterproof/breathable shell pants (11 oz)  or will nylon be ok?
     used nylon Suplex  trail pants, good on cold mornings and evenings
>3 pair liner socks (4.2oz or 1.4oz each)
>3 pair heavy-duty socks (12oz or 4oz each)
     used Thorlo Hiking sox, no liner necessary (for me).
>??insteps --not sure if it gets icy down there in georgia...they are pretty
     depends on your start date, 1st weeks of Mar, might be useful, later
extra weight
>waterproof overmitts (4oz)
>liners (1oz)
      used fleece gloves
>clothes i'm pretty curious about...this most likely is not a complete list.
    pretty much your choice
>1 pair med. weight tights (8oz)
>??1 pair exp. weight tights (10oz)
    one or the other, not both
>1 med weight crewneck (8oz)
>1 polartec fleece shirt (12oz)
>3 pairs underwear (4oz)
>2 cotton t-shirts (10oz)
    one for camp/sleep; use a "Coolmax" T for hiking
>??ltwt. flip flops  (are camp shoes typically carried?) (6oz)
    Tevas, Water Shoes, Tennis Shoes; need for town and good to get your
boots off while in camp.
>2 pairs shorts (12oz)
>journal/ball point pen (6oz)
>reading material  (6oz)
  Check my list; cut, pare, slice, etc. "Do your thing"....

  take care,

   PS: I was an enlisted person, not an officer; ergo,,,,, no "sir"
necessary .... ;-}
          also presume you're reading NEXTMO & DOWNLOADs "e-journal", really
causing Springer
          Fever for me...

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Subj:   Pack Weight
Date:   96-02-19 22:03:26 EST
From:   wixer@sparc.isl.net (Richard (Dick) L. Wix)
Sender: at-l@patsy.hack.net
Reply-to:       at-l@patsy.hack.net
To:     at-l@patsy.hack.net (Multiple recipients of list)

   FWIW... I assembled an "exhibition" pack to take to Boy Scout functions
for my "show-and-tell"... I've tried to replicate what I carried thru the
100 mile wilderness (less 5 days of food and fuel, I do include 1 day of
food as an example)... Weight about 34 lbs w/o options, As follows:

Pack & Frame - CampTrails Wilderness external panel loader w/kitchen sink.
Pack Rain Cover.
Mesh trash bag attached to pack w/shower curtain clip.
SunDog Fanny Pack modified use as a "belt/belly-pack" attaches to pack
    frame; (keeps guide/maps, notebook, pencil, wallet [ID, credit cards,
    ATC ID, etc], chapstick, Swiss Army knife, firefly lite, Springer
    rock, whistle and compass handy. It's detachable for day hikes or to
    town, has a water bottle loop for BigSlam bottle).
Camera and case (attaches to pack shoulder strap).
NorthFace Tadpole tent. (w/attached backed nylon ground cloth and poles).
O.R. #3 HydroSeal stuff sack (replaced original NF stuff sack, roomier).
SlumberJack "SoLite Long" Quallofil 40 degree bag.
Flannel mummy style sleeping bag liner, w/hood.
"HedBed" air pillow.
O.R. #3 HydroSeal stuff sack (replaced original SJ stuff sack, roomier).
Therm-a-rest Lite Long mattress and stuff bag.
Space Blanket.
Coleman Peak I multi-fuel stove, stuff bag w/BIC lighter.
Folding aluminum wind screen.
16 oz. Red Nalgene fuel bottle.
    approx. 24 - 30 inches duct tape wrapped around.
MSR, 6 liter water bag.
32 oz. "BigSlam" water bottle.
32 oz. Nalgene water bottle.
SweetWater Guardian water filter, brush and stuff bag.
MSR - 1.6 liter Stowaway Pot, w/lid and #7 Tupperware bowl inside,
    (both in stuff bag w/pot scrubber).
Hungry Camper Spoon.
12 oz thermal cup.
O.R. #3 HydroSeal stuff sack for clothes:
    2 pr. Thorlo Hiking Socks, Cotton sleeping T-shirt, Supplex
    Hiking/Canoeing shorts (spare), Coolmax T-shirt (spare), Supplex trail
    pants and long sleeve shirt, Polypro long johns and shirt.
Taffeta coated jacket w/hood.
Knit fleece watch cap.
Thermal fleece gloves.
O.R. map case 7x10;
    journal, pre-stamped postcards, stamps, pen, pencil, extra maps,
    Hikers' handbook, schedule, etc.
1/2-2/3 roll T.P. in waterproof ditty bag.
Cut-down First Aid Kit (in a ditty bag);
    tube of Neosporin, 10 extra large knee and elbow bandaids, 2nd Skin
    blister kit, 3 inch square of moleskin, pack scissors, 2 inch roller
    bandage, Aqua Pure and PA bottles.
Medicine ditty bag;
    20 - A-D tablets (in plastic match box), 30 - Sudafed Plus tablets
    (in plastic match box), 20 - 500 mg Anacin tablets (in plastic match
    box), 30 - 200 mg or stronger Ibuprofen tablets, 60 - Centrum Senior
    Vitamin tablets (in 30 caplet plastic bottle).
Catch-all ditty bag;
    ear plugs (for better sleeping), extra lighter, waterproof matches,
    spare roll 36 exp film, Bens 100 bug dope (laced w/Tea-tree oil),
    spare Firefly flash light, spare eyeglasses.
Repair kit (in a ditty bag);
    small/cheap sewing kit, tent patch kit, therm-a-rest patch, spare
    stove generator and wrench, 2 spare clevis pins and rings, 2 shower
    curtain clip hooks, 2 small carabiners (key ring type).
Shaving (?) kit (ditty bag);
    small deod. stick, Gold Bond Powder (great for feet, jock itch, etc.),
    razor, comb, hair goo, tooth paste, tooth brush, waxed dental floss
    (aka thread), nail clippers and file, backpackers bar of soap and soap
    box (with a cutdown "loofa"), 1/4 standard pack towel (wash rag),
    standard pack towel, Mega pack towel.
4 - mesh food bags;
    1 - extra large for use as "bear bag" (holds other three),
    1 - breakfast bag;      3 - peaches and cream instant oatmeal packs,
                              - couple packs of sugar,
                              - pack of Frosted Cinnamon and Brown Sugar
                            1 - pack of Swiss Miss Chocolate,
                            2 - instant coffee "t"-bags.
    1 - lunch/snack bag;    1 - Pemmican bar,
                            1 - King Size Snicker bar,
                            1 - Nature Valley Oatmeal & Honey Granola bar,
                            1 - Carnation Breakfast bar (chocolate),
                            8 oz home-brew GORP,
                      optional; pack of Ramen Noodle soup and Liptons
                                Cup-a-soup (broccoli and cheese).
    1 - supper bag:         - BackPackers freeze dried (or other brand)
                                 2 serving Pasta Vegetable Parmesan,
                            - Chocolate pudding cup,
                            2 - instant coffee "t"-bags.
                            1 - pack of Swiss Miss Chocolate,
                            2 - Green Tea "t"-bags.
Every Day Hiking Wear;
    Baseball style hat (ATC), Coolmax T-shirt, Supplex hiking/conoeing
    shorts, Thorlo Hiking Socks, Rockport Hiking Shoes.
Tracks Sherlock Travel Staff, w/ bandanna tied on (easier to get at).
Gaiters, long (never used).
Lands End Hydra Shoes (camp/water crossing shoes).
6 - 36 inch pack straps (tie on tent, sleeping bag, therm-a-rest, etc.).
2 - 50 foot hanks of parachute rope.
    Candle Lantern, Sony Walkman Radio, Magnum Pepper Spray (w/carabiner
    attaches to shoulder strap), REI mini-head lamp and batteries,
    StealthLite Flash light, Sun Glasses, Snake Bite kit, Rain Gear.
I also used a send ahead box for:
    town clothes and shoes, laundry soap, fabric softener, letter writing
    material, address labels, packing tape,  marking pen, knife sharpener,
    spare filter cartridge, spare Zip Lock bags, extra food, etc.
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Dick Wix  (aka "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME) 
   " I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!!"     obscure
        *** what really happened ***
   " I got there,,,,,, when I got there.!!!      WIXeR

Subj:	Re: my list
Date:	96-03-13 20:36:32 EST
From:	mroberts@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu (Michael Roberts)
To:	Pooombah@aol.com

Hi Alisa,
        Here are my comments on your gear.  Since you broke up your list
into sections (like shared gear), I put my comments with each section.  Be
aware that all this is just my personal opinion.  Actually, your list looks
good to me at first glance.  My comments are probably mostly nit-picking.
Here it goes:

>shared gear
>tent - have a Eureka Alpinelite2, (6lbs).
>??ground cloth (poly) for tent (12oz)
>water filter - have a pur scout (12oz)
>??replacement filter cartridge - worth carrying? (3oz)
>1 mess kit (2 pots w/ covers) (1lb.)
>stove - thinking about purchasing an Apex multi-fuel (1lb. 4oz)
>1Lt.  fuel bottle (4.7oz) - full  (??oz)
>??small sunshower (3.5 oz). - worth it?

-I would suggest taking the ground cloth if you're wavering on it - besides
keeping down any water or dew seepage into your tent, it also provides a
little insulation.
-I don't have an opinion on the replacement cartridge.
-I'd suggest one pot to cook meals in.  It worked for us.
-I used a Whisperlite, but I don't know if it weighs any less.  I never had
a problem getting Coleman fuel, even as a southbounder, so the multifuel
issue isn't anything to get too stressed about (although multifuel
capability is a nice perk)
-I doubt you'll get much use from the sunshower - either you won't feel
like filling it (too tedious at most water sources) or you'll just be used
to feeling sweaty so dirty will begin to seem the natural state.

>small stuff....
>sunshower soap (sm. bottle-highly concentrated, good on hair, dishes,
>clothes, etc.) (4oz)
>small scrubber brush (for pots/grimy body) (2oz)
>sm bug repellent (2oz)
>sm sunblock (2oz)
>sm funnel for fuel (1oz)
>tooth powder (1oz)
>multi-vitamins (4oz)
>aspirin (1oz)
>couple of airplane bottles (additional painkiller)
>12-pack of beer (just kidding   ;)    )
>seam sealer (2oz)  --perhaps this could go in a send-ahead box
>sm spool of thread, needle (1oz)
>sm roll duct tape (2oz)
>1 sm. first aid kit (14oz)
>1 emergency blanket (2oz)
>potable aqua w/ pa plus (1oz)
>maps/guidebook (only those needed before next pick-up) (5oz)
>extra ziplock baggies (2oz)
>bear bag/rope (6oz)

-I can't remember what we did about soap.  I'm pretty sure I cleaned the
cooking pot with water and pebbles,leaves,fingers,etc -  I relied on
mechanical action rather than chemical action.  Everything you cook in the
pot starts from boiling water anyway, so the pot can be kept clean on the
trail without soap.  You can use soap during town stops if you like.  If
you follow this line of thinking, you can get rid of the scrubber brush.
-sm funnel for fuel (1oz) ->I'd toss this.
-12-pack of beer : better make it six and leave the other six for
thruhikers behind you ;-)
-May want to add a stove repair kit (replacement jet)

>**haven’t put nearly enough time or thought into this...planning on
>dehydrating fancy little meals thanks to the recipes that have come through
>the pipeline on this list.

-Man, I thought beef jerkys and slim-jims were a delicacy.  To this day I
harbor an embarrassing fondness for them.  On the other hand, I can't look
a bananna chip in the eye...

>personal gear
>pack (~6lbs 8oz.  stil shopping)
>2 water bottles (7oz or 3.5oz each)
>thermarest (1lb 9oz)
>??thermarestír lite chair kit (10oz)  (worth 10oz for a relaxing sit?)
>40 degree bag (2lbs 6oz)
>overbag (2lbs 8oz.) to be sent home for middle portion of the trail
>pack towel (3oz)
>mug (4oz)
>1 light D biner (1.5oz)
>TP in baggie (1.5oz)
>sm deoderant
>compass (1oz)
>whistle (1oz)
>lighter (2oz)
>knife (2oz)
>fork/spoon (same utensil) (1oz)
>headlamp (3.5oz)
>2 extra batteries (2oz)
>gore-tex rain hat(or sun if youíre an optimist)  (4.5oz)
>waterproof/breathable parka (2lbs 3oz)
>??poncho for warm days?
>waterproof/breathable shell pants (11 oz)  or will nylon be ok?
>3 pair liner socks (4.2oz or 1.4oz each)
>3 pair heavy-duty socks (12oz or 4oz each)
>??gaitors (7.5oz)
>??insteps --not sure if it gets icy down there in georgia...they are pretty
>waterproof overmitts (4oz)
>liners (1oz)
>tutle fur hat/neck gaitor (2.5oz)
>1 bandana (1oz)

- I know you hate to hear it, but I'd get rid of the thermarestír lite
chair kit (10oz), but then I think it would show a lot of style if you bit
the bullet and took it anyway!
-I like the overbag idea.  When I was cold, I just slept in all my clothes.
-I'd carry 2 bandannas and lose the pack towel.
-Carry a mug that you can eat mac-n-cheese out of.  While you're eating,
you can warm up drinks, soups and then drink them in the mug after the
-sm deoderant : probably futile!
-fork/spoon (same utensil) (1oz):  I only carried a spoon, and to this day
I'm pro-spoon over fork any day (except maybe where spaghetti is
concerned!). **Make sure to carry a spoon/(fork) that is strong enough to
eat Ben-n-Jerry's.  This is very important - a flimsy spoon that bends
under ice-cream pressure just won't do.  Trust me, it really is important.
Go out and buy yourself a pint of
Ben-n-Jerry's and test out your utensil (New York Super Fudge Chunk should
provide a good test - you have to pry out those yummy chunks of white
chocolate- mmmmm....-  see if the spoon can handle the load).  I swear,
you'll be glad you considered this.
-gore-tex rain hat(or sun if youíre an optimist) : I guess this one is
largely a matter of personal style.  I used a bandanna, and my rain parka
had a hood, and that worked for me.  Get a wool hat; actually get a
synthetic for cold weather.
-I had nylon pants that worked well to keep me warm in high winds, but
lousy as rain pants.  I used then as rain pants anyway, as they did help to
keep me warm.  A good parka/jacket is what I prefer and used.
-I think I just carried 2 sets of socks and liners.  And I always tried to
keep one of those dry in case of emergency/very low morale.  Three sets is
probably OK, but no more.  A clean pair of socks can really pick your
spirits up and change your whole attitude.  Pretty sure I just had 2 sets
-tutle fur hat/neck gaitor (2.5oz): I bet that will feel worth it in the

>clothes iím pretty curious about...this most likely is not a complete list.
>1 pair med. weight tights (8oz)
>??1 pair exp. weight tights (10oz)
>1 med weight crewneck (8oz)
>1 polartec fleece shirt (12oz)
>3 pairs underwear (4oz)
>2 cotton t-shirts (10oz)
>??ltwt. flip flops  (are camp shoes typically carried?) (6oz)
>2 pairs shorts (12oz)
>journal/ball point pen (6oz)
>reading material  (6oz)

-Be sure to add a fleece or wool hat: I even consider this an emergency item.
-I had 2 tee shirts (one hiking , one town), a wool sweater (later got a
fleece), 1 pair of hiking shorts with liner , one pair of town shorts,
tevas, polypro underwear(top and bottom), wool mittens, my gore-tex rain
parka, 2 sets of socks/liners.  Ithink that was it, but I'm not sure.
-I liked having a book too!  Also, I admit that near the end of my hike I
broke down and bought a headset radio.  The World Series was coming up, and
there was a Presidential election coming too (hearing Ross Perot in a
debate while you're in a thru-hiker state of mind is pretty hillarious!)
Remember, I was a Southbounder.

Well there's my take on your equipment list.  Hope this helps!  Write back
if you want any details or have any questions!