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20 Days and Counting!

To all interested parties:

     I finally settled on a Olympus Infinity for the weight, quality of
shots,  and weather-proof features.  Now only have a few odds and ends to
purchase, a hell of a lot of details to attend to, a few more bucks to earn,
 and I am trail-bound.  
     Just read "As Far as the Eye Can See".  Forgot the author's name, but it
is a great, short account of a '79 thru-hike.  I hope all the magic hasn't
been supplanted by the jaded irritation of locals and the rudeness of the
ever increasing numbers of thru-hikers.  Just like everything else in life, I
wonder if I didn't discover this too late.  I must admit, the horror stories
of crowded shelters has me worried.  Oh well, I am sure these worries are
     Leaving by the 'Hound from Kansas City on April 12 and looking forward
to my years-old dream finally reaching fruition.

                           Shalom, Horus