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Re: what to expect in Waynesboro,VA

Hello fellow hikers,

I am starting to hike 1400 miles this summer to finish whatI started last 
summer.  I would like to know what weather conditions can I expect to 
recieve in late April starting from Waynesboro, Va and heading to Maine.
Snow? rain? below freezing at night?  Winter gear is needed I guess?
I expect to start Waynesboro in late or mid april and finish before late 
August.  What will be my weather for this trip?  Will I see anyone since 
I am starting ahead of most thur-hikers?  I know I will see southbounder 
but how about northbound.  What could be the bug situation along the way?




Michael "Freedom" Gallo           "Look, look deeper into Nature, 
                                   Then you will understand most things