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Re: Bad jokes/Trail UNion

> Date:          Sat, 23 Mar 1996 21:16:28 -0600
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> From:          Pooombah@aol.com
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> Subject:       Re: Bad jokes/Trail UNion

> >My husband and I were thinking of creating some trail magic, 
> >around Pennsylvania for this years hikers, anyone live around >this area???
> hey anna...
> i'm in upstate ny and i know a couple of other (goofs) '98ers are here in the
> NE.  ...perhaps pennsylvania wouldn't be a bad spot to unload pizza and beer
> for our predecessors and a bit 'o sweat to our trail.  i have to do some
> reaserch on it but something will come together.
> sympathizing with anna's snow...
> alisa

Let me know what you want to do, I'm only 50 miles north of the 
Clarks Ferry/Bridge/Duncannon/Peter's Mt Shelter.  The P Mt. shelter 
is a short walk from the highway it crosses and I know of a great 
White Mountain Ice Cream store that is a short drive away or "we can 
Pizza and beer close too.......

Rich Scanlon