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Re: Alisa's List

>tent - have a Eureka Alpinelite2, (6lbs).
*Tent-  the Northface Lunarlight and the L.L. Bean reproduction called the
UltraLight are great tents for a little over five pounds.  The Ultralight
is a couple ounces heavier, but a little more room and a better vestibule.

>??small sunshower (3.5 oz). - worth it?
*Water bag/Sunshower- a water bag for camp is absolutely essential.  I like
the MSR Dromedary bags- they're sturdy and easy to hang and carry.  I found
a catalog that sells a spigot-type top that replaces the usual one- that
way its easy to let water out of the bag in camp while it's hanging up.
Also, there is a shower hose attachment for the alternate cap- instant
shower for a few ounces!  :-)  Works for me, anyway.

About the headlamp- I carry a mini-maglite and a headband thingy called the
Jakstrap.  It works real well as a "headlamp," and lightweight too.

>??ltwt. flip flops  (are camp shoes typically carried?) (6oz)
*Camp shoes- I carry a pair of el-cheapo teva look-a-likes (tevas are heavy
sandals).  I couldn't think of going without them.  At the end of the
day... taking those boots off is the only thing I can think about!

Bugspray- That Ben's pure 100% deet stuff may be potent, but you can't get
anything any lighter than the little pump bottle that it comes in.  Not
carry bug spray?  Can we say 'stoicism'? ;-)  The little monsters would
suck me dry.

>??ground cloth (poly) for tent (12oz)
*Groundcloth- I haven't tried it, but I've heard that the "Tyvek Vapor
Barrier" stuff that they put on new houses makes great groundcloth
material.  Best of all, it's free- they always have plenty of excess that
just gets dumped, most contractors use it, and it's not too hard to ask for
some excess.  It's supposed to be real light, too.  Does anybody else have
some more information on this?

Stove- I'm in the same boat as you here- don't know if the Apex II is a
good choice, but I sure hope so- I just ordered one from campmor.  I'm
buying the Apex because of its simmering capacity- I want some more control
over my menu.  I may never use it with gasoline, but for $10 extra it's
worth it- you can get fuel anywhere.  I ordered the maintenance kit with it
also- we'll see.

Of course, it will take you all of two weeks on the trail to realize all
this equipment stuff.

Happy traaiils...to yoouuu :-).

Matt  Holmes                       "It takes more courage
holmess@ufrsd.k12.nj.us      to suffer than to die."
                                               --Napoleon Bonaparte