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Thanks (fwd)

Jack's son started the trail on 3/17.  

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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 96 14:34:08 0100
From: Jack Mynatt <cmynatt@bgnet.bgsu.edu>


Below is a copy of an e-note I sent out to our friends after I dropped 
him off.  Feel free to post it somewhere if you like.

Thanks again.

Jack Mynatt
Psychology Dept.
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

Ian is off.  We drove down Sat.  At one point as we were driving thru SE 
Tennessee, Fool was sitting in Ian's lap with his head stuck out the 
window, both of them looking absolutely happy with themselves and the 
world. Made me feel happy with the world too.  

We spent Sat. night in the Anacola St. Pk. lodge.  Got the last 
available room, which we took as a good omen for the trip.  The lodge is 
beautiful and our room looked out over a gorgeous, Smokies-type valley 
with fog rising out of the hollows and the sun setting behind the ridge 
top, all of which we took as a second good omen.  It rained all 
afternoon on Saturday, but was clearing up Sunday morning, which we 
took as the third good omen. Fool had to spend the night in the car (no 
dogs allowed in the lodge) but didn't seem especially pissed the next 
morning - just his usual, absolutely-delighted-to-see-you self.  

I hiked the first mile with them and then watched until they were out of 
sight.  Sad to see them go, but very happy to see them starting off on 
such a big adventure.  A guy about my age was starting off at the same 
time, so his wife (I presume it was his wife anyway) and I stood there 
cried together for awhile