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Last Franklin Update (fwd)

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Date: 22 Mar 96 22:32:27 EST
From: Richard Kushman <70304.1011@compuserve.com>
Subject: Last Franklin Update

Day 21  - Friday  3/22/96   No Miles
The morning was still chilly but the sun was shining and the temperature 
was expected to rise. We met Kurt who came back to Franklin after trudging 
through deep snow. He decided to wait until Sunday to continue and allow 
for the sun to work. Thunder and Lightning left to hike from Wallace Gap 
and returned after getting to Winding Stair. The night promised 18 to 22 
degree temperatures which was not inviting. We understand Dr. Green and 
Johnny Quest have skipped ahead closer to Wesser.

Most of the other hikers as well as ourselves were planning to leave 
Saturday. The forecast looked good and we might have to pay property tax 
in Franklin if we stay longer.

Dinner this evening for thirteen at the Hickory Ranch. Suddenly a 
distinguished looking gentleman is shaking my hand and introducing 
himself as John Newman "Oliver Twist", husband of "Possum Poop Patty". 
John has followed our updates and knew where to find us. He is an avid 
hiker and trail angel.....What are the chances.

We heard a rumor that the Smokies were closed but a call to the park 
proved otherwise. The ranger did say many hikers had left the park 
because of snow.

Considering the storm damage we have seen, especially in Georgia, the 
amount of work extended by all the men and women of all the trail clubs 
is outstanding. They keep people like ourselves safely hiking The 
Appalachian Trail. Thank you ... one and all.
Tomorrow we go hiking.

"Download" & "Nexmo"