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layover update (fwd)

Date: 22 Mar 96 12:02:23 EST
From: Richard Kushman <70304.1011@compuserve.com>

Day 20  - Thursday  3/21/96   No Miles
The weather is slowly improving, if it is snowing in the mountains it can 
only be flurries. Sharon and Bronco moved into Franklin along with six 
others. Rainbow Springs Campground was not a favorite with any hiker we 
spoke with. The shower was described as a meat locker. Soap and towels 
were only available for an additional charge. The bunkhouse and hospitality 
were not to the level normally found on the trail. Our own stay was in 
their best cabin which was tolerable for one night. You will find Franklin 
much more comfortable but you really have to get to Winding Stair Gap and 
catch a ride.
We all pitched in and Zak Going North rented a van. This gave us wheels 
to the West Gate Shopping area. Fourteen climbed in for the first load. 
After the second load of hikers arrived the Three Eagles Outfitter store 
was full to the brim. YODA BOUGHT NEW BOOTS. This layover has been great 
for her feet and a new pair of Asolo 530 boots should solve the blister 
The Hiking Mob ate at Western Sizzlin this night and only Coffee Bean was 
talking about hitting the trail on Friday. We all thought he should take a 
snow blower and blaze away. Sharon has reluctantly taken the trail name 
"Puddin", but she is still kicking and screaming about it. 
Chest high drifts are being reported on the trail. Looks like Saturday may 
be the next day of hiking.
This layover carries only one advantage for us. We are from Connecticut and 
the UCONN Huskies are in the sweet sixteen and play Friday night.

"Download" & "Nexmo"