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Water carriers

Two years ago my hiking partner started using a camelbak water carrier
found in biking catalogs.  It holds 70 oz of water and has a tube from
the bottom that clips to your shoulder strap for easy access to your
mouth at any time.  I kept having to stop, pull out my water bottle,
drink, replace the bottle which took long enough for her to get
far ahead of me.  therefore I didn't drink as much as I should and
it was just not a happy situation.  I got one myself for last year's
hike and I love it.  We still carry bottles for camp and for refilling
if there's little water ahead, but the camelbak weighs less (no exact
figures, but if you hold the 1 1/2 qt bottle in one hand and the camelbak
in the other, its lighter) and you cant beat the convenience!  I took off
one of my side pockets and just strap the camelbak to my pack.  I hear
that they (i don't know who) are making packs with built in water  carrying
capability but I have been very happy with my arrangement.
Of course I am a section hiker and not a through-hiker so I don't know
how well it would hold up over the long haul.