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Re: whites weather

Happy Spring! (is it?)

Matthew asked about appropriate clothing in the Whites for July.  I
spend the majority of July & August hiking the Whites every summer and
no two days are alike!  

I have always been comfortable hiking in cotton shorts and T-shirt until
reaching the peaks which are undoubtably COLD and WINDY.  Bring
windpants and polartec and mittens/gloves (yes, even in July!).  One
word about the Whites -- I have never spend more than 3 days there
without a significant downpour.  Rain gear and good groundcloth is

Be sure you have sturdy boots, especially if you are spending a whole
month there.  Lightweight summer hikers will not cut it in the rocky
terrain of the Presendentials.  

Some people complain about the bugs in NH in July.  Being a veteran
Adriondack hiker (home of the world's largest & hungriest black flies),
NH critters don't really bother me.  A small bottle of repellent might
not be a bad idea.

So, bottom line, the Whites are hot, sunny, cold, windy and very wet in
July.  Sure as hell aren't boring!  Have a great time --

GA -> ME 2000