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Re: Snake Bite Kits

>>A physician (my brother's family doctor) told him not to bother with a snake
bite >>kit because the time trying to remove venom would be better spent getting
to a 
>>hospital. He also quoted 25-30% as the maximum amount of venom the 
>>Extractor could remove.

I certainly did not mean to imply that someone receiving a bite from a venomous
snake should delay in seeking medical attention.  My MD friend was very emphatic
that prompt medical attention could minimize the effects of a bite.  However,
she did say that removing even a portion of the venom could be helpful,
particularly if the hiker was some distance from medical help.

>>I just try to stay alert and avoid the critters instead.

Hear, hear.  The best remedy is avoiding a bite altogether, which is not usually
too difficult to do if one pays attention.