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Here are my $0.02 on cameras

I use an Olympus Stylus Zoom point and shoot for 3 reasons

1) it is light
2) it comes with (for an extra $20) a small Infared Remote so I can take
pics of myself.
3) it has a date stamp which is invaluable when trying to sort through
several hundred pics when you get home.

Beware! You should change the battery after about 20 rolls of 36 exp film,
especially if you have been using the flash often.

It will still work when damp. I went for an unexpected swim while crossing a
creek, and the camera still worked fine afterwards.

Also, you should keep it handy. If you have to take your pack off to use it,
you will seldom take pics. I also use a micro tripod I got at REI. It only
weighs a couple of OZ and it even has a velcro strap on it, so you can strap
it to a walking stick, or whatever, when there is nothing flat around to set
it on.

Brick Robbins                  "go fast enough to get there,
San Diego, CA                   but slow enough to see"
brick@ix.netcom.com             ---Jimmy Buffett