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Maps and cameras

My main use of the maps is to have an idea of the region I'm passing
through. I love to get up on the summit, take out my map and compass, and
pick out all the features around me. Seems like without the map the long,
green tunnel would be even more closed. I actually find the profiles
useful, I just approach them with some scepticism. They're good for trends.
I started from Springer with a ridiculous amount of camera gear. Next trip
abit less, then just a Olympus  SLR with 35-70 zoom. Finally, what I now
carry is a Olympus point and shoot. You can get good results with a good
quality point and shoot. Just get one that is water resistent. Your
electronic Nikon might not like a long, wet trip on the trail.
Today was cool, rainy, and very windy in central Carolina. Our friends on
the trail must be having abit of weather tonight.
                                           Steve Coombs
                                          GA 89 > ME 21st century