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Re: Snake Bite Kits

Ron wrote:
>    Someone (who claimed to be knowledgeable on the subject) 
>    told me that Sawyer extractor kits can only get a max of 30% of
>    injected venom out of the wound and that it really doesn't do
>    any more good than tying bandanas two inches above and below 
>    wound (and getting to help) and isn't worth it. Any opinions?

   Yup, I recently heard the same thing. A physician (my brother's 
family doctor) told him not to bother with a snake bite kit because 
the time trying to remove venom would be better spent getting to a 
hospital. He also quoted 25-30% as the maximum amount of venom the 
Extractor could remove. Of course, he could be wrong, too.
   And the old "take a razor blade and hack a couple of slash marks 
into the flesh" method just plain does more harm than good (i.e. 
causes damage to the tissue, allows faster spread of the venom, 
severes nerves and blood vessels, etc). I just try to stay alert and 
avoid the critters instead.