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Re: Introduction

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, David Guild wrote:
> Will there be any reasonable chance of finishing a traditional GA -> ME 
> thru hike if we start around 5/5?  If so, will it have to be rushed to a 
> marathon pace?
> If we can't hike straight through what might be some of our other
> alternatives?  We thought about a flip-flop, but we've talked to another
> couple who finished a thru hike 10 years ago and they said it might be
> quite a disappointment if you don't complete a hike at Katahdin.
> Will there be others starting around this time, or will we be with only 
> day hikers and weekend hikers?
Dave & Tara,
	I started in June 81 & hiked thru the end of Nov. Since it was so late
I didn't plan on being on Katahdin that year & chose to meander for a 
long while. I did meet several folks starting at about the same time, some
finished, some didn't, many were out to section hike or do an extended pack.
I did a flip-flop at the end of Sept. and hiked the 100 mile section in 
Me., then did some in the Whites (was caught in a blizzard on top of Mt. 
washington around Thanksgiving time, I don't recommend that experience) 
and finally decided to take a side trip off the trail..I'm still on the 
side trip. I've never regretted doing my hike or that I didn't finish the 
whole trail, someday I probably will, but I'll save Katahdin for last. 
One thing I did enjoy about flip-flopping was during that 100 mile 
section, I got to see the entire progression of fall and meet all the 
thru-hikers that I'd gotten to know thru their journal entries who were 
so far ahead of me that I would have never caught up plus by starting 
late I was treated to the rhododendrum & mtn. laurel thickets in the 
southern mountains. It was a good trip. Yours will be too, whatever way 
you chose to do it...Have a great one! Pat