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Hi all,

I've been lurking around this mailing list for a while, not wanting to 
write anything until I had given my notice at work.  Today was the big 
day, so I can go public.  My wife Tara and I will be starting a thru hike 
the first week of May.  I can't start any earlier because I'm finishing 
up a part time masters degree.  This brings up a few questions.

Will there be any reasonable chance of finishing a traditional GA -> ME 
thru hike if we start around 5/5?  If so, will it have to be rushed to a 
marathon pace?

If we can't hike straight through what might be some of our other
alternatives?  We thought about a flip-flop, but we've talked to another
couple who finished a thru hike 10 years ago and they said it might be
quite a disappointment if you don't complete a hike at Katahdin.

Will there be others starting around this time, or will we be with only 
day hikers and weekend hikers?

I'm sure this is only a start to the many questions I have.  I'll stop 
here for now.  

					Thanks in advance,

					Dave and Tara Guild