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Re: Snake Bit Kits

I'm sure you can find them pretty much anywhere... like REI, EMS, etc.
I dont' think they are all that expensive either...   Wow,
I wish I could be alittle more decisive... All I remember about the
Sawyer Extrator was how fun it was to play with...  no comments
please!!! :)


TEMPLER7277@uni.edu writes:
> THere was previous talk about the "EXTRACTOR" snake bite kit, sold by Sawyer. 
> Does anyone know where to get one of these and how much they cost?
> Thanks Much,
> One Step

"[The right mindset] is fun-filled rather than deadly serious,
careful, overly structured or controlled.  It is a mindset filled with
the love of playing the game, the love of the challenge, the joy of
being born human and all that it entails.  It is a mindset focused on
the pleasure of going for it when others are protecting and attemping
to avoid errors and failure, which ONLY ASSURES THAT FAILURE _WILL_
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