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COLD and more

Hi everyone,
Just read thru Nexmo and Download notes.
I live in the North Atlanta suburbs and it has been COLD here.  Don't
underestimate the difference between a high humidity cold and one with low
humidity.  The dry western states are colder but you don't feel it as much as
when it is more humid.
All this and I am known to wear shorts in winter and almost never wear a
coat-but the last week I have been, and even added a sweater a couple of
days.  I feel for the folks on the trail and wish a warm spell for them.

Another note on trails I am originally from Nebraska and have noted that
several people have mentioned the Oregon and Morman trails - be aware that in
most places these are no longer in use.  In most places, you see only a
farmers field or cows in a pasture where the trails were.  In Nebraska; an
exception is Ash Hollow state park where the ruts are still visible from the
covered wagons that went thru and had to be moved with a windlass because of
the steep hills - but not suitable for a hike really.
I lived within walking distance from both the Oregon and Mormon trails (they
were on different sides if the Platte river). You can still walk the way they
went but you will do it down country roads and hiways for the most part.
They also had mail drops back then but what it ment was that someone would
leave a note in a crack in the base of Chimney Rock going west and that
someone going east would pick it up and deliver it months later.

Praying for warm sun on the hikers...still cold and windy this morning but
the sun is out.