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Re: Reality? Attitudes et al.

	After reading your wonderful writings these past couple of weeks, 
I found myself nodding freq., "yes, Hmm, yes, sure, uh-huh" but I also 
thought, hmm, I remeber loving every day of the trail, maybe I'll write a 
note about a separate reality...However, this past weekend, in between 
studying for Calc & C++ exams, I decided to read my journal to see if 
perhaps the azaleas smelled sweeter & the 6ft high stinging nettles 
weren't so bad in my memory than in reality...And there it was, in 
between the numerous lines of sunsets and misty balsam fir aromas, and 
bears and centipedes, mountain vistas, and rolling hills, shared Jack 
Daniels and ice cream were numerous references to "bitchy 
today", "grumpy", in pain, blisters, grouchy, depleted, etc. It's been 
years since I read the journal & this Sat. I rehiked in my memories ---
Thanks for the catlyst...and thanks for your on-target observations...