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Re: Beef

On Mon, 4 Mar 1996 drichff@nando.net wrote:

> I like to eat beef tips and rice and was wondering if anyone knew of a way to 
> dehydrate the beef so that I can cook beef tips on rice while on the trail.  
> Also once I dehydrate the beef what is the best way to put the water back so 
> that it's just as good on the trail?

	Don't know so much about the dehydrating part (I'm still playing 
with mine dehydrator) but I've got the rehydrating down pat....What I do, 
esp. when I winter hike, is at breakfast time, I put supper's food in a 
wide-mouth nalgene bottle & pour boiling water over it. wipe off the 
bottle, cap tightly, and nestle it in the center of my down jacket & put 
into the center of the pack. That way it slow cooks all the way down the 
trail & often I still had a warm supper already done when I came into 
camp. During warmer weather you could add water when you're an hour or so 
away from camp. One downside is that when I came into Monson, Me, I 
forgot about the beef stroganoff cooking in my sleeping bag until 2 days 
later.....after several washings of my 20 below bag to rid itself of the 
fermented bs (hmm, never noticed that acronym), my bag has become a 
3season bag.......Pat