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oo goody, new gear

hi everyone...i just picked up a eureka alpinelite2 for 135.00. (woo hoo!)
 decided to go with this rather than the timberlite2.  the timb2 is 1 lb
lighter but doesn't come with a built-in vestibule.  does anyone have any
experience with either of these?   i'm wondering if the trade-off of having
less ventalation (due to the 4-season-ability of the alpine) is worth the
benefits of the vestibule and a little added shoulder and headroom.
there's still time to exchange it...any comments?  the sale was at the
binghamton eureka outlet for anyone who may be suffering in new york right
now.  there were people from as far as maryland there!  what a zoo!  but
worth it.
alisa  'pooombah'
ga-->me  '97