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Re: AT thru-hike seminar

> I seem to recall reading that there is a college some where in Virginia or
> near Washington DC that had a week long program to prepare thru-hikers.
> Anyone know who, what or where? Thanks. Rich
George Mason University offers this through its Evergreen Center near Vienna,
VA.  Dr. Warren Doyle, who has hiked the AT more times than anyone else,
teaches the seminar.  As with many programs of this nature, I've heard good and
bad things about the seminar.  I have personally know Warren Doyle since 1982.
The seminar and the 'warren Way' are not for everyone, but many successfull
thru-hikers I know say that the knowledge they gained there helped them 'do the 
trail'.  You needs and personality may or may not fit into the structure of the

Warren Doyle founded the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association (ALDHA)
in 1981.  It is still going strong as the leadership has changed over the
years.  Warren has a pretty intense personality and consequently he has some
pretty strong opinions - especially about hiking.

John Newman GA-->ME '83-'89, 2000 miler.