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Hello list

My name is Steven.  I have been lurking at the fringe of this list 
reading the valuable information and now I wish to dive in.  I have a job 
where I sit in a rooom 
editing video.  This room has no windows and it's winter.  My pleasure 
level is very low.  I need to get out of my box in Boston travel south 
and hike up something large and open. The hiking I have done so far in my 
young life has 
been mainly in the white mountains of N.H.  I've also dabbled in maine and 
Colorado.  I'm hoping the good people who share in this list 
might have advice about what parts of the AT are great points to start at 
for a 4-6 day excursion.
People on the list seem to enjoy leaving quotes so here's one of my 

That which does not kill us makes us stronger