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Farewell, alas farewell.....

I'm off to the wild blue yonder in a few days and wanted to send my regards 
to the
list.  All of you have been so helpful and generous with your time & 
thoughts; I
wanted to say thank you.  I feel great anticipation in meeting wonderful 
souls on
the trail if this list is indicative of the folks I may be bumping into!

Special thanks to Jeff M.  for his input & notes and to Ron K. for his 

Kathy - It's great to see the AT on the web!  Kudos!

And as everyone knows, this list wouldn't be the same without Jim O.'s 
guidance and desire to help - my heartfelt gratitude to you, Bald Eagle!.

I'll be thinking of all of you on the trail.  Keep the homefires burning!
L'il Engine    GA -> ME '96   (4 Days to Springer)  - I'll be signing off
list tomorrow and heading to Jax, FL Fri.
P.S.  I'll be looking you up when I'm in your area Dave.
P.S.S See you on the trail Corey - and tell Stephen yes on the '96ers 
 Therese Pederson   tpederso@ist.ucf.edu
 Institute for Sim & Tng.;          3280 Progress Dr.;           Orlando FL 
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"Whoever.....can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as
dead and his eyes are dimmed."         A. Einstein