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Re: pack choice

I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in about packs. I use a Kelty Super Tioga 
that I really like. It fits pretty good, it's external (it's HOT in 
Florida), it has lots of pockets and a handy water bottle pocket, and I 
like it. I'm also a bigger woman, and the pack fits very well for 
me (5'9", 2xx lbs.) Strangely enough, my husband also has a Kelty Super 
Tioga pack, as well. Our decision was based on fit, durability, size, and 
style. We definitely wanted externals, for now, because most of our 
trips are in Florida and the breathability is important. Also, since we 
don't have to scramble over lots of rocks and mountains and stuff, the  
external doesn't pose a balance problem. 

The big question really, is what is right for you? I agree with the 
person(s) who said to try on every pack you can find filled upo with your 
own gear. That's the test. And, yes, it will feel quite different with 50 
pounds in it for a few days.