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Re: Introduction

On Mar 4, James Bigler wrote: 

>Or maybe even better does someone know of a good loop trail around
>Georgia/North Carolina?  The map in the ATC Georgia/North Carolina trail guide
>does not show many side trails in Georgia or lower North Carolina. 

You might want to pick up a copy of the Southern Nantahala and Standing Indian
Basin map (they should have a copy of it at REI).  It will show you a lot of
side trails to the AT in that area.   There is a 24 or so mile loop that you can
take out of the Standing Indian Campground up Kimsey Creek Trail to the AT at
Deep Gap, north to Glassmine Gap and back to the campground.  It's beautiful
country, with some great views.  Standing Indian is the first time the AT gets
over 5000 ft.  

You might also be able to put together a loop with the AT, Benton McKaye and
Duncan Ridge trails.  A copy of Tim Homan's _Hiking Trails of North Georgia_
should give you the how-tos.  

It's nice to welcome another Georgian to the list.  Happy Trails.