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Re: dana designs

>hi everyone!
>went backpack shopping this weekend and spent hours loading them up and
>walking around in circles.  i was 'fitted' for a dana terraplane and of
>course fell in love with the pack.  to those of you who are familiar with
>dana and more specifically the terraplane, is the hefty price tag worth the
>returns?  when the salesman asked me to guess how much weight was in the
>pack, i guessed 20.  turned out there was 50.
>'nuff said?
>alisa  'pooombah'
>ga-->me '97

I have been looking for a pack for the past few weeks as well, and at this 
point I think I have tried on just about every pack in the size range I want 
and in the price range I can afford. Many of the packs got ruled out very 
quickly because they were simply not comfortable, and I narrowed my search 
down to two choices, the Dana Designs Glaicer and the Arc-teryx Bora 70. I 
tried on the Arc-teryx first and had about the same reaction to it that you 
did to the Terraplane, but with all of the good things I had heard about 
Dana packs I figured that I should still try it as well. When I tried it on 
I was shocked, it was one of the more UNcomfortable packs I had put on (even 
more so than the Lowe Alpine I own that is supposed to be a size too small 
for me). So, am I cutting down Dana? No, it is just that the pack they make 
that I could afford is not right for me, and a pack made but a much lesser 
known and smaller company seems to be perfect for me. So what I suggest is 
that you try on EVERY pack that you can, you may be surprised by whay you find.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)

p.s. Arc-teryx also has a much cooler logo than Dana, in fact I like 
Arc-teryx's logo design so much that I had to get it as a tattoo last week :)