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Re: introduction

   I guess since everyone is coming out and introducing themselves I want 
to give everyone a big hello! My name is Chip and iam an addict! an 
addict to the pack that is....I have hiked quite a bit and am looking 
forward to the Ga>Me in 97 with a buddy of mine...we are in the planning 
phase and working on the doing phase...Iam here at Indiana University and 
will graduate this spring...(just in time to get ready for 97)..I have 
been in "silent" contact with a few of you, and look forward to meeting 
the rest of you on the At....If you have any suggestions on travel to the 
At, or any kind of help, just give me a type....Hopefully our trails will 
cross soon....chip

Chip Steele                   wlsteele@indiana.edu 
fax:  (812)331-0472           Indiana University