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Howdy!  My name is Jonny Pearson and I've been lurking on the list for 
about three weeks now.  Although I have to admit I'd never want to 
thru-hike the AT myself (and I do respect those who have done it!), I'm a 
big fan of the trail.  I'm originally from Alexandria, VA and have hiked 
sections of the AT through Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.  I 
found out about the list from Andy Burchett who, as you know, just left 
California to do a thru-hike.  He hired me to my current position at the 
Office of Academic Computing at UC Irvine about a month ago.  I have to 
say he was very excited and talked about the trip constantly.  

Stuck here in California, the AT seemed so far away until I started 
lurking on this mailing list.  I appreciate all the stories and 
experiences that you all have related. They remind me of the beauty of 
the East Coast and the humble respect that I've always had for the 
Appalachian Mountains.


    Jonny Pearson	
    Student Consultant
    Office of Academic Computing
    University of California, Irvine