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PRINTSmoky Mountains

One can never tell about the weather in the Smokies this time of year.  Or any
other for that matter.  Keep watching the Weather Channel for fast moving cold
fronts that they predict will have an associated low developing in the Gulf and
will slide north/ northeast as the cold front hits the mountains of TN/NC.
This is ideal conditions for a large snowstorm at this time of year.  Remember
the blizzard of 93 was three years ago yesterday.

Bring warm layers of clothing with a waterproof outershell - not a poncho. 
Bring 3 changes of socks even if you have waterproof boots.  Be 
prepared for temps from 10-15 at night (probably upper 20's) and highs as much
as low to mid 50's.  Hang your food as prescribed in the park literature. 
Don't be much concerned about the bears as to your personal safety unless you
take food in the tent with you.  Get the required permits before venturing into
the backcountry.

If you want an update on the weather forecast later in the week, email me.  I
live near Cherokee, NC and the Park.

John Newman GA --> ME; '83 -->'89