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be careful..(was dana designs)

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> dana and more specifically the terraplane, is the hefty price tag worth the
> returns?  when the salesman asked me to guess how much weight was in the
> pack, i guessed 20.  turned out there was 50.
> 'nuff said?
> alisa  'pooombah'
> ga-->me '97

While I feel that Dana Designs has a wonderful line of packs, I must offer a
word of caution about any salesperson using the ploy you mentioned.  Sure,
50 pounds may feel like 20 or 30 in the store where you probably have it on for
30 minutes max.  After a few hours/miles on a trail, 50 pounds is 50 pounds,
no matter what it 'feels' like in the store.  At the end of a long day, your
legs are still going to know that they carried 50 pounds and not 20.

I've been looking at packs ,too.  I love the Dana Design terraplane and
astroplane.  The North Face Redwood (new this year) is no slouch, either.

John Newman  2000-miler, AT