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Re: dana designs

You wrote about the Dana Design pack.  Let me just quickly give you my
opinion.  I am only five feet tall, 120 pounds, so finding a pack that I
would truly like was an adventure.  It took me forever.  Finally, after days
and hours of tooling around the stores jumping up and down, shifting back
and forth, leaning, etc, I fell in love with the Dana Design Arctic
Glacier.  It fit my small frame perfectly, yet it still gives me 5000 cubic
centimeters to play with.  However, when I saw the price, I freaked out a
little, but it has truly been worth every penny.  I hope to take it on a
thru-hike someday, (97 or 98).  Anyway, that was my two cents worth.  Good
luck on your pack quest, I know what you are going through! Hope I was able
to help.

Wintered out in Wisconsin