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A "burning" question...

   Please pardon the subject line pun, but since I'm delaying my thru-
hike, I've decided to take my time in purchasing a new stove. (I was 
going to take a borrowed Peak 1 on the AT this year if I 
didn't/couldn't find time to buying a new one.) I know stoves are a 
hot topic (oops, another one) with some people, and I certainly don't 
want to start a flame war (lookout, they're still comin'!) or get 
burned (stop me before I pun again!) by a slick salesperson...
   OK, OK. In all seriousness, I think I have my choice narrowed down 
to three stoves: the MSR Whisperlight Internationale, the Coleman 
Feather 442 (dual fuel model) and the Coleman Peak 1 Apex II. The 
Feather 442 has the lead right now by virtue of its ease of operation,
 price and simplicity (When I want to cook, I want to cook, not 
connect hoses to bottles and stove, prime, hide behind a boulder, 
light with a long stick...). My one concern with the Feather 442 is 
stability. Is this a big problem with this stove? I'll be cooking for 
one or two people most of the time, so I don't think it will be too 
much trouble since I won't be using huge pots and pans.
   Is buying anything less than an Apex or Whisperlight insane? I 
have no doubt I could operate the MSR and Apex stoves safely, but I 
just don't know that I'll ever need the ability to burn dry cleaning 
solution or field strip my stove in Outer Mongolia. I know I could 
run into trouble on the AT next year, but I figure I'll never be too 
far from a town where I can either get it fixed or get a replacement -
- a few meals of crunchy noodles and "cold" chocolate won't kill me.
   Any suggestions? For informational purposes, most of my 
backpacking consists of short weekend trips, with an infrequent multi-
day/week-long trip thrown in for good measure.

Thank you in advance, and a thousand apologies for those puns,
(they hurt me almost as much as they hurt you!)