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Re: Intro and a few questions

I did 30 days on the PCT with my ex-paramour and I carried more weight
(210 lbs vs.  135) proportionally.  I found I'm a morning person and liked
an early start, while she kicked into gear after lunch and wanted to hike
fast then, when I was experiencing post-prandial depression for a couple
hours.  Emotional state more than anything else determined speed after a 
while.  She was faster on climbs and I faster on downhills and flats.  We 
became aware of each other's rhythms and didn't feel it necessary to hike 
together all the time.  I liked being there to help choose a campspot.  
She didn't care where we ate lunch.  I cooked breakfast, broke camp, and 
packed the packs while she drank coffee and stared into the forest.  She 
cooked dinner, cleaned up, drew water in the evening when I lay around 
reading.  It works out if you're sensitive to each others needs...

Jeffrey Olson
Seattle, WA, where the rain dampens the streets but not the spirit.  

On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Dave DeCroix wrote:
> Now for a question or two.  First, does anyone have any comments or
> experiences to share about thru hiking with your spouse?  I read in