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Re: Intro and a few questions

Dave -

>I have silently reading in this list for about a month and decided
>way past time that I introduce myself.  My name is Dave DeCroix and
>a grad student at NC State Univ, in Raleigh NC, studying atmospheric
>science and will (hopefully) finish my doctorate about two years from
>now.  My wife is also working on her doctorate, and our plan is to
>hike the AT as our graduation present to each other.

Welcome to the  zoo.  It's an interesting place to be.

>Now for a question or two.  First, does anyone have any comments or
>experiences to share about thru hiking with your spouse?  I read in
>Backpacker mag a few months ago an article about some potential
>and how to avoid conflict.
 :)  The mag article said that pack weight
>is the great equalizer, and suggested that we split the weight based
>a percentage of each of our respective body weights, and not simply
>50/50.  That way we are each doing the same amount of 'work'.  This
>sounds reasonable to me.  I thought I'd try this and plus my pack up a
>bit to counter the stride difference on our next hiking trip.  Any

Good idea - and it works to some degree.  You still might end up doing
some waiting at the the top of the hill, but if you don't mind, it works.
Another solution is to hike separately and meet maybe at lunch and at
the end of the day.  We don't use it, but some couples find that it works
for them.

>One other question about packs.
>  Comments on your preference?

You can get a lot of arguments started on this subject.  The only advice I'd
give is to do your thing with REI and make up your own mind about what's
most comfortable for you.   I might argue about pack size - but not the
internal/external stuff.  I use both - for different purposes.

Have a good weekend.
Jim Owen