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Re: Intro and a few questions

>The mag article said that pack weight
>is the great equalizer, and suggested that we split the weight based on
>a percentage of each of our respective body weights, and not simply
>50/50.  That way we are each doing the same amount of 'work'.  This
>sounds reasonable to me.  I thought I'd try this and plus my pack up a
>bit to counter the stride difference on our next hiking trip.  Any
>Dave DeCroix
>GA->ME '98 hopeful

The article's solution worked for us.  Many years ago we discovered the
way to put us in a compatible frame of mind was to shift the weight
toward my pack until we were, as we put it, "in equal pain".  This may
or may not be in proportion to your body weights, since some people
can comfortably carry a higher percentage of their body weight than
can others.  You don't have to weigh the stuff; if you know each other,
it will be very obvious on the trail when one of you needs to shoulder
more weight.  And there is no rule that you can't move stuff back and
forth to accommodate those times one of you is feeling great and the
other really tired.