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Re: Thoughts

At 09:21 AM 2/29/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Welcome to the club - it's the season for Springer fever.  A lot of us
>go through it every year.  We found that we need some really strong
>distractions around this time of year to offset the depression.  W
>In any case, welcome to the Springer fever ward.
>Walk softly,
>>Hi all of you 96 thruh and long distance hikers not yet on their way !
>>Just some final thoughts from me. These days I'm really down, constantly
>>thinking about hiking the AT, wishing to start with you (as probably
>>everybody on this list).
>>Happy Trails,
>>C.C. Pride
>>GA-PA 94
  Tried snowshoeing this AM, about 4 miles, not enough... Feet are getting
veeerrrry itchy (not fungus either), need to get some mileage on the feet...
Like ya'll have said the "ward" gets full about this time of year...

  still time left to ski tho,,,

Dick Wix  (aka "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME) 
   " I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!!"     obscure
        *** what really happened ***
   " I got there,,,,,, when I got there.!!!      WIXeR