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Re: Questions

Dick -
I'm not sure if we'll get to try that, but we'll be in Arizona in April
and Ginny wants to go out to the Grand Canyon.  It'll be my first trip
out there.  I'm really looking forward to it.  But it shouldn't be 110
in April (I hope).


>   South Kaibab up from the bottom of the Grand Canyon was very close to
>being a loser in the summer of 84.  It's only 7 miles out, but, at 110+
>degrees no shade; it was hard to distinguish the smell of the flowers, vs
>the sweat and smell of the mules..  ;->  Still I'd do it again, given the
>take care,
>Dick Wix  (aka "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME)
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