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Re: Pooh?

>At 09:37 PM 2/25/96 -0600, you wrote:
>>> pooh, and i am not leaving for another month and a half!
>>> --christeena> 	
>>There's another Pooh out there?  I'm officially Poohbear, but I'm sure
>>we both got our names out of a love for a certain overstuffed bear. 
>>Maybe we'll meet someday out on the trail...
>>GA -> ME 2000
>  Met "another" Poohbear in 94, way up in New Hampshire, from Ohio... She is
>a section hiker, has an
>"official Poohbear" attached to her pack... 
>  Troll (94), carried an "official Troll" from GA->ME, attached to his pack
>for all to see... I'm sure he's not
>the only Troll either...
>       ;-)   
>  Christeena, are you going by Empress or Pooh.???
>  stay warm,
>Dick Wix
>  aka
>   "WIXeR"   AT-94  GA>ME 
>" I'll get there,,,, when I get there.!!!"     obscure
>     *** what really happened ***
>" I got there,,,,,, when I got there.!!!      WIXeR
sorry guys to cause so much confusion but "pooh" is a term that i
use to express disgruntlement. like scarlett o'hara and fiddle dee
this and that. i love pooh dearly but i doubt i would live up to his image.
i plan to be anything that comes to me on th etrail. i don't know...
empress is what i go by now becaues i am megalomaniac from the midwest.