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Re: AT to AL, Canada and beyond

>desire. If you have already completed a "traditional" hike you would then
>have a new goal to go for in an extended hike on one or both ends. To me
>this revitalises the whole notion of the trail as it stands, as well as
>providing more  needed greenspace in a world were it is rapidly
>disappearing. Think how great it would be if all the "long" trails were
>connected like a large wilderness interstate highway system. You could
>start walking in any state and walk to any other state or province given
>the time or the means. Just my 2 cents and I respect and understand those
>people who would rather see the trail as it is with no extensions as I am
>abit of a traditionalist. I only bought skate skis last spring. Cya

The problem with this would be if all of the trails were connected they would 
lose some of their identity.  Instead of each being unique they would become 
just a part of the whole. I think alot of hiking the AT is what a person's 
feeling or fantasy is about the trail.  I think that's why many attempt, but so 
few finish the whole trail.  I say the two extensions should become their own 
seperate trail with unique identities drawing people to those trails for the 
same reason people are drawn to the AT.  The tradition, the personality, and 
the people along the AT.

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