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Re: Stuff

>stories and think back of our favorite time on the trail.  Can you guys/girls
>picture that in your minds?  A stream, a sun rise, the absolute quietness of a
>cove, the cruch of leaves under foot, the sound of breezes coming up the 
>the greeting of a fellow hiker-the first person you've seen in a week, long
>nights stuck in a tent durning rain.  

Not all have left for the AT.  A friend of mine leaves March 30.  I will be 
hiking with him the first two weeks and then unfortunately I have to return 
after that.  He will continue on Northward to Maine hopefully. I can hardly 
wait for March 30th to get here.  It's hard to concentrate on many things I am 
doing now because my mnd is constantly going over what gear I am carrying, 
meals I will eat, and what the trail will be like.

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