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Hampton TN/Dennis Cove Rd. Crossing

The last couple of years when we have had to have a shuttle ride in the
Hampton TN area we have gotten a ride from a guy by the name of Ike Fortner.
 I just want to give him a plug as him and his new wife have been about our
favorite people who have shuttled us since we left Springer. Beware he *is* a

He is also convenient to those on the trail that need a lift into Hampton. (I
should have gotten this info out sooner!) When you come to Dennis Cove Road,
which is before you come to Laurel Fork Shelter and Watauga Lake, you will
turn toward Hampton TN, or to your left.  He lives in the first house (cabin)
on your right.  You have to walk along the road uphill.  It's about .75 of a
mile.  His rates are the best!  And he's real hospitable!
His phone # is 615-725-4429.  He has a sign out front that was laying down
when I was there that says "Black Mt. Branch Trading Post".  He wants to be a
friend to the hiker.  He has tried to get onto the shuttle list from the ATC,
but for some reason I still don't see his name on there.

So.......that's my plug!  Good Luck to all you starting up the AT this
Spring.  I surely wish I was on my way there too!!!!!